September 2018

We’re visiting Global Goals

around the world.


Zwolle, The Netherlands, decided to follow the dream! Prepare our trip, selling house, school planning, choose destinations.

29 september 2018

Go west, we decided to start across the Atlantic ocean. We visited New York(USA), La Paz (Bolivia), Arica (Chile), Arequipa (Peru), Bogota (Colombia), Los Angeles (USA), Honolulu (Hawaii), Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia), Bangkok (Thailand), Kathmandu (Nepal), Amsterdam (Netherlands).


Zwolle, The Netherlands!

23 may 2019

The Netherlands, we do not plan our future, we were away for 8 months.

Our Plan

Dutch family who sold everything to find sustainable happiness around the world.

We visit, help and stay with projects meeting the Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals). And we take amazing pictures, write short stories and create video's to share inspiration with the world. Our journey started on the 29th of september 2018.


Meet our 5 year old Jurre.

He’s a natural born biologist and archaeologist. So for #goal15, Life On Land Jurre is the guy to talk to. He’s working on swimming lessons so be also prepared for goal#14 Life Below Water. At the end of the journey, his suitcase will be filled with rusty old metal stuff, bones, and some insects 😉


Meet our 8 year old Jelisa.

She’s a benefactor in general, for poverty #goal1 and equalities #goal10. And she’s pretty fast on a horse and in the water as well. She is the writer of the family.


Meet Ingeborg.

Her travel-addiction started with her traineeship social work in South Africa #goal3. That in combination with her second career in photography is a perfect way to connect with people and capture moments together.


Meet Ivo.

He loves people, partnerships and peace. He likes the planet and global goals in general, has strong ideas and experience in democracy, circulair economy, climate and clean energy. He’s pretty smart with tech and surf.

Global Goals
Days traveling ca.
Impact first

Get Lost In The Right Direction

It’s a pretty big thing, to sell all your stuff to go on a trip. But…

We believe it will bring us all growth, inspiration, compassion, knowledge and new friends. So sell the house, stop school, stop our jobs, use all our savings and plan the trip for an uncertain journey around the world. So let’s go!

Help Us Start!

We need projects, places to stay and support in New Zealand or Australia.

Ideas welcome, e-mail us!


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