Swim and sportswear made of ocean plastics


Sustainable fashion for active women.


Made in Colombia

In the trendy neighbourhood Usaquen we met Carolina Rodriguez, the founder of Folkswim. Folk Swim was born in Colombia creating a sustainable design, environmental awareness and promoting a responsible lifestyle. Her main inspiration is endangered animal species and every collection has a goal to support.

The current collection is about the Tortuga Carey (The Hawksbill sea turtle). To create real impact she works hand in hand with foundations and communities. Folkswim donates 5% to Fundación Tortugas del Mar to create activities and research for the protection of the turtles.

durability and longevity guaranteed

Turtle design

The turtle is also used in the creation of the designs. She works to have a conscious impact on the planet by reducing the carbon footprint at each stage of the product's life cycle. She uses recycled plastics from the ocean in her materials. Every product is made responsible, she avoid the use of chemicals and water, transparency in production, local production and traceability of the products. All based on the Slow Fashion philosophy and versatile and high quality designs, guaranteeing longevity and durability.

environmental and social impact


At Folkswim the objectives include conserving humanity, since fashion is the second poluted industry with the greater environmental and social impact, its production and manufacturing processes have depressed the life and health of many people. Folkswim demands optimal working conditions from the suppliers and maintain ethics internally.

Colombia has 10% of all biodiversity in the world


Colombia has a great responsibility to protect all the species that inhabit their territory. Folkswim wants to represent sustainable and responsible projects, seeking to transform the sustainability of the tendency to be. Since we must become more sensitive to the impact of our day-to-day actions. If we approach nature and create a bond, we will understand the need to take care of it and protect it.

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Our mission

We like to help and support Folkswim and Carolina on her mission and we helped her with some ideas to make more impact online and in the world. And of course Inge bought some great items!

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Fundacion tortugas del mar

Thanks Carolina for being our compass in Bogota, you are now officially part of our global happiness family.

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