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Help us find inspiring projects on our destinations.

Places to stay

We like to engage in projects, so we need help to stay there with our family or close by.


We need transport, flights, drives, camera's, equipment and finance all as sustainable as possible.


We need friends who support us, connect us, help us and keep us going.

In return

We inspire the world with the good examples in the world for sustainable development.

We visit, help and stay with projects meeting the Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals). And we take amazing pictures, write short stories and create video's to share inspiration with the world.

Old ways won't open new doors,

Idea's, innovations, problemsolving

We can help projects with innovative ideas, business wise, online wise, social wise, environment wise and money wise. Whatever is needed to make more impact or get a bigger audience. We're both entrepreneurs, we've seen a lot in our businesses and we're great with finding solutions. From broken washing machines to getting your businessmodel a boost, we've seen it all. So let try something new, experiment and see what works for your project or brand.

Pretty smart with tech

Tech, internet, online

Ivo was 6 when he programmed on a Commodore, produced over 5000+ Internet projects, won some national and international awards. So he can help with connections, websites, social media, newsletters, bookingsystems and a lot more.

partner up.

Connect your brand

All for the best, we like to connect to brands, NGO's who support Global Goals! We like if your brand uses CSR, SDG's or likewise in your mission, but if not so we maybe can help your brand to get more out of your social responsibility of sustainability. We also like to gain a big audience and we believe together with brands we can connect and inspire more. So let's team up!

It’s a pretty big thing, to sell all your stuff to go on a trip. But…

We believe it will bring us all growth, inspiration, compassion, knowledge and new friends. So we sold our house, stop school, stop our jobs, use all our savings and plan the trip for an uncertain journey around the world. But we really can use all the help we can get.

Of course we invest our time, money, tickets, knowledge and our passion in this family project. But with friends and money, we can help projects and we just can do more. So we ask you to be our friend and please donate something you won’t miss: EUR 10, 25 or 50 or choose your own amount via PayPal.

And Get the t-shirt or the Hoodie! (bio ofcourse).

Help Us Go!

Find something for you, your brand, your project or just as a friend, please help us.

Ideas welcome, e-mail us!