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The greater good begins in the cloud! is our partner in Cloud Content Management wherever we are.

SDG's and BOX

Box. Work as One.

Box is very interested in Tech for Good and being aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Box donates and discounts for thousands of nonprofits around the world so they can execute and scale programs, generate support and streamline administration to better focus on their mission. Collaborate securely on content in real time. Coordinate teams in the field. Automate repetitive processes internally or externally. With Box, nonprofits get a single platform for their organization to work as one. We are proud of Box being our partner in the cloud.

Sustainable development goals

Use Box.

Those committed to doing good in the world should have the capacity to do it. provides social impact organizations [nonprofits] the resources they need to innovate and fulfill their mission. In addition to enabling success on the Box cloud content management platform, they power capacity-building via Box employee (Boxer) programs, community building and grants.

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