Headwear since 1992.

More than just a hat.

Hatland is our partner in headwear and protects us wherever we are.

More than just a hat!

Hatland Headwear

We are very happy with Hatland! Hatland designs and develops headwear with great care and attention. Strong, sustainable and above all with the right protection for every weather type.

Sustainable development goals

Wear Hatland.

Hatland support us on our journey with their beautiful headwear. We like sustainable consumption, goal 12 and the hats are very durable. Hatland also produces Cooldown hats and caps to keep your head cool. The unique cooling system in these hats cools your head during hot days and speeds up your recovery after physical effort. The hats have a UV resistant factor of no less than 50+. This prevents as much as 98% of the harmful radiation. So we are protected for the sun wherever we go!

Get your Hat.

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