8.5 million people

New York.

A densely populated city where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

172-acre green island in New York Harbor

Governors Island

In New York we met with Sarah Cameron Sunde. She is an interdisciplinary artist and director working at the intersection of performance, video and public art. She is creator of 36.5 /A Durational Performance with the Sea (an ongoing work spanning seven years and six continents) and instigator of Works on Water (a new triennial dedicated to art that is made on, in and with the water). She took us to Governors Island to show us the Works on Water project and the residency for artists, it was really inspiring.

On the picture
36.5 / North Sea (2015) in Katwijk aan Zee in collaboration with TAAK and Satellietgroep - in the photo Sarah is standing with Dutch Water Engineers and Government Officials as well as Art Curators. They stand in a tidal area for a full cycle, usually 12-13 hours, as water engulfs their bodies and then reveals it again.

Bringing people to the water through art

Works on Water

They are artists and curators who work with water in response to the changing climate, increasing urban density, and a burgeoning public awareness of ecological concerns. Their work connects to current economic, political, and global issues and is in conversation with the traditions of Land Art, Public Art, and Performance Art, among others. We are looking forward to the next Works on Water Triennial in the fall of 2020.

Artist in residence

Tessa Grundon

In the house we met Tessa. She is influenced by the topography and history of a place, its ever-changing environment from the shifting tides to the effect of man on community and landscape, to man himself and the shared visual language of natural forms. She was artist in residence and works on projects for a couple weeks. She worked with trash found in the waters around Governors island. And we talked about the water quality of the New York Harbour.

On the picture
Work in progress new works being created with objects found in the water.

No parents allowed, perfect!


The kids had a great time at the PlayGroundNYC, where they have access to hammers, saws, nails, etc. No parents are allowed inside, they have to sit back and relax.

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Thanks Sarah for being our compass in New York, you are now officially part of our global happiness family.

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